We want your feedback on our new digital solution for Management Consultancy

We’re developing a digital tool to help you choose the right consultancy solution to meet your needs.

With the evaluation for our Management Consultancy Framework Two well underway, we are making plans to move both the Management Consultancy Framework (RM3745) and Management Consultancy Framework Two (RM6008) to a new digital platform. The tool will help you choose the right framework (and lot) to meet your needs and access the expertise you need in a fast, efficient and compliant way.

We want to ensure that the system is easy to use for all users – from the most experienced procurement professionals to the occasional user – and are looking for customers who have a requirement to buy consultancy services (using either of the frameworks) to provide feedback so that we make sure we build a solution that meets your needs.

We’ll gather your feedback in a short session that will include a review of the system design and a discussion about what we can do to make the procurement process more straightforward and comprehensive. The session will only last an hour and can take place at a convenient location for you – avoiding minimum time out of your day.

Interested in getting involved?

We’re looking to conduct these sessions at the end of July / early August. To get involved simply get in touch stating ‘MCF beta testing’ in the comments box, along with your preferred date and location.

Can’t make these dates? You can take part in a short online survey (7 minutes). If you would like to complete the survey please get in touch with your email address stating ‘MCF digital survey’ in the comments box and we’ll send you the link.

When can you start using the Management Consultancy Framework Two?

Lot 1 for business consultancy and lot 2 procurement, supply chain & commercial consultancy are expected to be available from August. Lot 3 for complex & transformation and lot 4 for strategic consultancy services will follow at the end of October.

Management Consultancy Framework (RM3745) is available now covering finance, audit, HR, health & community, education, infrastructure and ICT & digital.