We helped UK police forces save nearly £2 million on office supplies

The customer
One of the areas where police forces have historically struggled to achieve savings is office supplies. As part of the Collaborative Law Enforcement Procurement (CLEP) Programme, opportunities for savings on office supplies were identified through collaboration and standardisation of their requirements.

An office supplies category strategy was developed through the CLEP programme with the objective of saving 7-10%. This represented a potential saving in the region of £690,000 – £980,000 for forces.

CCS help police save on office supplies

The solution
As CCS already had an established framework for office supplies, it made sense for the programme to undertake a further competition under the framework, rather than re-approach the market directly.

In doing so the programme was immediately able to benefit from standardisation and consolidation as the products available through the framework are based on a streamlined core product catalogue of around 900 items.

Additionally, 60% of the UK police office supplies had previously been bought through a single supplier which presented an opportunity for greater competition by running an eAuction, led by CCS. This brought over 85% of the UK police spend together.

The results
By combining use of the framework with an eAuction the forces were able to benefit from the savings achieved through the framework, which were further enhanced through an eAuction.

Overall savings in the region of 23% were achieved, with some forces saving as much as 31% (based on the top 20 items purchased).

Based on the national UK police spend on office supplies this result offers a potential total saving in the region of £1.9 million. A phenomenal result for all involved and far beyond the original target set.

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