We helped a community college save £17,000 on photocopiers

The customer
Schools and colleges have often experienced difficulties in getting good value photocopier contracts, and it has been highly publicised in the past when things have gone wrong.

With this in mind, Sir Thomas Wharton Community College was keen to ensure that their leasing arrangements complied with procurement regulations, as well as saving them money.

The college’s governing body was nervous about entering into a contract because of the past media interest around issues with being locked into poor contracts. This meant the college wanted to ensure they could demonstrate a robust buying process that would give the governing body peace of mind.

Save on photocopier costs

The solution
The college decided to look at the CCS framework for photocopiers, as framework agreements take all the hard work out of selection. This is because all the suppliers have been through an evaluation process and must work to standard pre-agreed terms and conditions. It also means the leasing arrangements are fully compliant with procurement regulations.

What’s more, the CCS framework has a catalogue based buying option that has been designed specifically with schools and colleges in mind. Knowing the framework had been put in place by a government agency also gave the governing body confidence that it was the right buying solution to use and that they would have support if they experienced any issues.

The results
The college now leases 1 colour and 2 black and white photocopiers through the framework and has saved £17,000.

Their existing supplier had quoted a cost of £57,000 over 3 years, but they were able to access the same services at a cost of £40,000 through the framework – giving the college confidence that they were also achieving best value.

Sir Thomas Wharton Community College said:

“These savings help ensure we do not have to cut staff. The resource that makes a difference to the students is the human resource of a teacher. All schools should be using frameworks where they can. It is easy and frees up your time for other areas that need your attention.”

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