Vehicle telematics – your answer to driving down costs on fleet management

The use of vehicle telematics can help you reduce your fleet management costs.

In 2016, an iGov survey found that 57% of public sector fleets have already, or plan to, introduce telematics – so what are they, and how can they help your organisation?

What are they?

Vehicle telematics are the key enablers towards mature fleet management. By using telematics, you can monitor the location, movement, status and behaviour of a fleet of vehicles to enable you to analyse processes and optimise your fleet management. It also supports the whole life cost management of vehicles by providing live, operational data.

Typically achieved via a Global Positioning System (GPS), additional telematic features can be employed to record and track driver behaviour and vehicle activity, such as fuel consumption.

Fleet whole life cost model

How can they help my organisation?

Through analysis of contracts let for vehicle telematics, where they haven’t previously been deployed, CCS found that on average for every £1 invested in the telematics contract a £3 cost benefit was achieved. This was often achieved through reduced maintenance costs, lower insurance premiums and/or fewer fixed penalties. 

By using our Vehicle Telematics framework, you could benefit from:

    • Precise collection and analysis of vehicle telematics data
    • Reduced fleet costs
    • Support for employers’ duty of care obligations
    • Increased productivity
    • Improved vehicle security
    • Management of legislative compliance
  • Reduced carbon footprint

How can I get involved?

Whether you are already using telematics or want to introduce this for the first time, our Vehicle Telematics framework (RM3754) can help to ensure you are getting best value.

We know that, for many organisations, you will need to write a business case to demonstrate the benefits versus cost to secure the necessary investment. If you don’t yet have a business case read our guide to developing a business case and the benefits of investment for useful advice, including key considerations to help you get started.

If you have any questions about vehicle telematics or any of our other fleet services, please get in touch – we’re happy to help.