Tell us how we can help you buy the legal services you need

When was the last time you reviewed your legal services contract? Are you confident that you are getting the best value from your existing contract? We want to help you ensure you are accessing the right services, at the right price, and are developing a new procurement solution for our wider public sector customers.

The strategy so far…

Our Legal Services category strategy to replace the current framework is made up of 4 new panel agreements: General Legal Services, Rail Legal Services and Complex and Finance Legal Services, focused on the larger suppliers, for central government customers and a final proposed panel of regional and SME suppliers to meet the needs of our wider public and third sector customers. The first 3 panels for central government are now live and we want your feedback on whether our approach for the final panel will meet your needs.

Our proposal…

We are looking at developing a self-service platform that will provide you with access to a wide spectrum of suppliers across all types of legal services. We have chosen this approach as we feel it will give you more flexibility as it does not limit how many suppliers can register. Suppliers will just need to fulfil basic criterion.

You will then be able to compete the rates for your specific requirement directly on the platform. We are currently investigating technology options for the platform as there are a number of potential options.

How can you help us?

We’re really keen to talk to you if you buy legal services for your organisation to ensure we fully understand the challenges you currently face. If you are willing to share some of your time to talk to us please get in touch.

You can also share your views with us by completing this short survey by 25 August.

Thanks in advance for your time, we really appreciate it!