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February and March 2018

Technology webinars

Interested in finding out more about how we can help you with your technology needs?

Our technology framework teams are hosting a series of webinars to help explain what, and how, you can buy technology and digital solutions through our agreements:


14 February 10:30am – register

14 March 10:30am – register

Find out how to search for and buy cloud computing services like infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services.

Technology Products

28 February 11:00am – register

29 March 10:30 – register

Join our customer overview of the different ways you can use our agreement for all your IT hardware and commodity software needs, including access to our extensive online catalogue, the Purchasing Platform.

Network Services

6 March 2:00pm – register

Networks remain fundamental for the successful delivery of public services. Join us for this overview of the Network Services framework, covering how to buy a variety of services, from mobile connections to wide area network connections.

Cyber Security Services

13 March 11:00am – register

As cyber attacks become more and more frequent, find out how CCS can help you procure NCSC certified suppliers to test and protect your systems.

Quality Assurance and Testing for IT system

14 March 2:00pm – register

Learn more about how you can use this framework to source independent specialists to help you test and assure your systems.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS)

15 March 10:30am – register

Need an individual or a team to come and work with you to deliver a bespoke digital solution? Find out how you can use DOS.


Want to find out more about our technology frameworks? Get in touch.

Make sure to check back on this page for new webinars being added.

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