Technology Products aggregation – customer workshops round up

Following on from our customer workshops held last year, we reviewed and considered all of the feedback we received.

We can safely say that the events were a huge success, receiving circa 3,000 separate pieces of feedback, highlighting a few different trends and some interesting suggestions.

We received some great feedback from those who took part about the benefits they received from taking part in our aggregations and the processes that we use. Positive comments included the clear defined processes, compliant, standardised documentation and the additional value they received such as savings in time and resource.

The majority of comments received throughout all of the feedback surrounded engagement in all areas and included marketing, newsletters, guidance, structure and frequency of communication, but also engagement with customer groups by sector or regional hubs to act as a stakeholder group to assist with defining an aggregated requirement.

We have taken the feedback and quickly implemented a number of improvements, please see a few detailed below:

  • Introduced a structured communication plan and embedded as part of our standard operating procedure to ensure all parties are kept informed and relevant guidance information provided
  • Utilising different marketing channels and types of marketing media – we produced a video to help customers better understand the process and benefits of taking part view the video on our aggregation webpage
  • Collaborating with marketing team to publicise aggregation opportunities via webpage,
    Twitter feed and Linkedin more frequently and links included within team email signatures
  • Introduced option for customer webinars
  • Where appropriate a webinar or audio call offered to customer group to assist with transition to successful supplier
  • Sector specific competitions – the aggregation team are looking at increasing opportunities to aggregate on sector, such as education, health and police and emergency services

We also have a number of other improvements underway and planned, such as:

  • Customer feedback forms being created to capture improvements for future aggregated procurements
  • Future aggregation workshop events
  • Customer journey document underway to assist customers with a generic process for participating in an aggregated procurement
  • Aggregated procurement pipeline
  • Review pricing mechanisms, such as ceiling pricing and price validity periods
  • Increase standardisation of requirements by developing closer relationships with stakeholder groups

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who provided feedback and we look forward to helping you with your Technology Products requirements in future aggregations.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch or call our customer service centre on 0345 410 2222.