Sustainability and the transformation of university estates

Our world is becoming more focussed on construction which is sustainable, energy efficient and compliant. With the shift in trend moving towards the use of greener materials in construction, modular buildings help minimise waste whilst utilising recycled and sustainable materials. And with environmental issues high on the student’s agenda, building in this way also enhances the university’s reputation as being ecologically friendly.

Modular construction is less costly than a traditional build, with typical savings around 50%. This is because this type of construction is faster and less labour intensive. As the majority of the build takes place off site, the project time is sped up by avoiding delays due to bad weather. This also has the advantage of having fewer materials on site, reducing construction hazards and resulting in minimal disruption to campus life.

Flexibility to suit your needs

With growth demands in both staff and student numbers, modular buildings provide the ideal solution. Whether the need is increasing classroom sizes, expanding existing libraries/rooms or building more student accommodation, modular addresses a variety of requirements.  And with bespoke options tailored to your specifications, modular is flexible to meet the increasing demands of any campus.

Key benefits of modular buildings

  • Financial savings – cheaper to build
  • Lower to run as more energy efficient
  • Adaptable – suitable for a wide range of purposes
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Speed – half the time of traditional construction build
  • Minimal disruption whilst being built

Our new Modular Building Solutions framework is now live, developed to provide the education sector with a low cost solution to their building requirements.

A total of 24 suppliers, 80% of which are small or medium-sized enterprises, have been chosen to deliver the framework; giving access to the latest in supplier innovation and development.

Next steps:

For more information, please visit the web page or use our contact form to get in touch with our modular experts quoting “Modular” in the comments box.