Southampton City Council saves over £17,000 on tyres

Tyre Being Fitted

Southampton City Council has saved more than 10% on its annual tyre bill using the Crown Commercial Service tyres agreement.

The customer

The fleet services team at Southampton City Council were looking to make savings on tyres and reduce the frequency of replacement tyres being required.

The council’s fleet includes 360 vans, 37 refuse collection vehicles (RCVs), 17 heavy goods vehicles, 13 minibuses, 6 road sweepers and 4 cars – all of which provide vital services across the city.

The solution

The council decided to fit Michelin tyres on all its vehicles through a direct award using the Crown Commercial Service Supply and Fit of Tyres agreement.

The results

The council saw an immediate spend reduction of 11% for the year and a further 3% reduction the following year, as greater numbers of Michelin tyres were rolled out.

In total, tyre expenditure dropped by over £17,000.

Southampton City Council’s Fleet Services said:

“All local authorities are working hard to maximise value from their budgets and fitting Michelin tyres via the Crown Commercial Service framework has delivered noticeable savings to our fleet running costs. We’re getting improved longevity and durability from every tyre we fit; it’s particularly noticeable on the RCV fleet, which is arguably the toughest on tyres.”

In addition, technicians from ATS Euromaster’s Southampton centre provide an onsite fitment service for the council. The technicians regroove as many tyres as possible, extending tyre life by up to 25%. Once the regrooved tyre has worn, it is retreaded providing almost identical performance to that of a new truck tyre – whilst reducing environmental impact and raw material consumption.

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