Solve your school’s space issues with modular solutions

Is your school struggling with a lack of classroom space? The CCS Modular Building Solutions framework is the ideal way to compliantly address your school’s capacity issues.

Whether you need to permanently increase your classroom space or find a solution to a temporary need, our framework can help you – quickly, cost-effectively and compliantly. 

We can help you with all kinds of spaces from classrooms to staff rooms and laboratories to libraries. Access everything from initial design through to installation and commissioning – all maintained to your particular requirements.

Why go modular?

The benefits of modular buildings are well documented, but it’s worth repeating them here:

  • cost effective: typical savings of up to 50% compared to traditional builds 
  • minimum disruption: work mostly happens off site meaning fewer health and safety issues from construction hazards
  • flexible: if your needs change in the future you can adapt and repurpose your modular solutions
  • energy efficient: keep your energy bills low – and your pupils warm – by making use of the latest technology and materials
  • sustainability: modular building solutions often use recycled and sustainable materials
  • fast: most of the build takes place off site, so the project is less likely to face delays caused by things like bad weather 

 “We needed a quick solution to create more childcare facilities at two of our school sites, and our usual suppliers were unable to meet our deadlines. The CCS Modular Building Solutions framework was very straightforward to use and helped us experience working with new suppliers within our timescale. And we’re guaranteed to save money on the project too.”

Gareth Thomas RIBA, Architectural Services Manager, Isle of Anglesey County Council

Why choose CCS?

By combining the benefits of modular buildings with the CCS framework you will also have the advantage of:

  • speed: you can buy from this framework by further competition or direct award. Further competition can take as little as 4 weeks, depending on the size and scale of your project. Direct award will be even quicker
  • compliance: it’s important that you follow EU procurement law. Buying through CCS means you are complying with procurement regulations. You’ll also have the reassurance of standardised contract terms and the knowledge that we continually manage the suppliers on our frameworks
  • hire or buy: hiring is probably the best option if you need a temporary solution. Buying might be more cost-effective if you need a longer term or permanent solution
  • choice: there are 24 suppliers on the framework giving you access to the latest in supplier innovation – and 80% are SMEs

Get started

View our quick guide to getting started and download our brochure.

If you would like to attend a webinar to learn more or have a question please fill in our online form. Mention ‘modular webinar’ or your question in the comments box and we’ll get in touch.

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