Short form terms and conditions

Crown Commercial Service is constantly looking at new ways to make working with central government and the wider public sector more straightforward.

Choosing the right terms and conditions of contract is essential for government and public sector buyers to get best value.

But our customers told us that ours needed a fresh look – they were too dense, difficult to read and a barrier to some businesses, particularly SMEs.

So, we’ve listened to these concerns, and taken a new approach.

We dismantled our old terms and conditions, leaving out much that was unnecessary. We then rewrote them using plain English throughout, because overly complex terms can increase costs and be off-putting to smaller businesses in particular.

We hope our resulting short form terms and conditions are much leaner and more readable than those we once asked customers to wade through.

The new version has been developed by the Cabinet Office for general goods and services contracts with a value below the procurement thresholds set out in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

It is designed to ensure you are able to use appropriate and proportionately ‘light touch’ contract terms for low value procurements.

It is not suitable for construction works, for which industry standard forms of contract are available, or for IT contracts for which a suitable framework should normally be used.

Please take a look and see what you think.