Save money and reduce emissions with car share services

What is a car share service?

A car share service is a flexible approach to accessing vehicles for a short period of time for business travel purposes. It offers a model of car rental that means employees can access vehicles, as and when they need them, to fulfil their roles.

It is a great way of offering employees who drive their own vehicles for work purposes (known as ‘grey fleet’) an alternative to claiming mileage.

What are the benefits?

Running a car share programme will help you to:

  • reduce mileage reimbursement costs
  • lower carbon emissions
  • relieve pressure on parking spaces

It’s popular with councils and universities. Find out more in these case studies:

County council adopts new low cost, low emission travel policy

New travel policy saves district council £90,000 and halves emissions

How do I get started?

You can get help and support from suppliers on lot 5 of our Vehicle Hire Services framework if you would like to set up a car share service. To find out more:

Visit the Vehicle Hire Services framework web page

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