Save up to 40% on your fleet requirements

If you want to buy or lease new cars or light commercial vehicles, including minibuses, join one of our regular fleet eAuctions and we will help you make fantastic savings. The next eAuction will take place in July, with vehicle ordering open until October. The deadline for getting involved is 14 June.

Save on Fleet requirements with CCS

How do eAuctions work?

By combining your requirements with those of other public sector organisations we can help you make great savings on the whole life costs of your vehicles – whether you need 1 or 1,000. We do this by using standardised vehicle specifications and using our bulk buying power to make your requirements more attractive to suppliers.

And if you want to lease rather than buy the vehicles that is fine – in fact that is what most of our eAuction customers actually do!

Why get involved?

Joining one of our eAuctions will save you both time and money:

    • we run the eAuction for you so there is very little administration for you to deal with
    • flexible payment and delivery terms
  • save as much as 40% on manufacturer’s retail price (MRP)

The Vehicle Purchase (RM1070) framework already has attractive standard discounts of an average of 32%, and we have found our eAuctions can add an average 8% additional discount, giving customers a total saving of 40% on MRP.

Our eAuctions are open to all public sector and third sector organisations, and any volume or vehicle type can be considered.

What is the standard specification?

We have found that using a standard specification, which focuses on core operational needs regardless of make or model, helps customers move away from making traditional brand based buying decisions, towards focusing on the best value solution.

You can download a copy of the specifications from the Vehicle Purchase (RM1070) framework web page.

Get involved

To discuss your requirements and register your interest please get in touch before 14 June.

Even if your requirement does not meet these specifications or timescales please get in touch as it is likely we can still help you.