Research Marketplace opens for business

Public sector organisations can now access a range of research expertise, as part of a new Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework.

The Research Marketplace Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) gives public sector organisations including NHS Trusts and local authorities access to experts in market, social and economic research.

The agreement will be used to inform and develop government policies across a swathe of areas, ensuring that public services and communications are built on a strong evidence base, taking in customer experience and more quantitative measures.

The Research Marketplace has an anticipated maximum lifetime of 4 years, and the performance of the new system will be reviewed regularly. The agreement is estimated to be worth £170m.

Tracy Clark, Crown Commercial Service’s Head of Procurement for Marketing, Communications and Research said: “The Research Marketplace is an exciting new agreement which will enable the public sector to access wide-ranging research expertise that supports the delivery of efficient, effective public services. The Dynamic Purchasing System approach also provides greater access to public sector opportunities for SMEs and specialist providers.”   

DPSs allow an unlimited number of suppliers to sign up to offer their services over the term of the agreement – as long as suppliers can show they can meet the selection criteria and agree to relevant terms and conditions.

Suppliers provide details of their research services, and customers can use the system to filter and refine their search to develop a list of potential providers.

Contracts are then awarded by customers following a ‘Call for Competition’ process.

For more information about the Research Marketplace, visit the framework page or if you have a specific question, complete out contact form and we’ll be in touch.