Regional workforce pilots: your chance to take part

A proposal from the CCS workforce team to collaborate with up to 4 health trusts/clusters on workforce pilot projects was endorsed at the July NHS National Customer Board. The pilots will focus on the design and delivery of a tailored workforce strategy for each trust or cluster including:

  • Deep-dive analysis of current volumes, spend, trends, contracting and pricing structures, routes to resourcing, processes and governance
  • Identification of opportunities to optimise existing agreements; facilitate joined-up solutions across resourcing requirements; trial new ways of working, such as different resourcing models or shared approaches; reframe the supplier landscape to support the NHS agenda of reducing/avoiding agency spend
  • Support to implement the identified opportunities for new ways of working in workforce planning and resourcing.

We will dedicate skilled and experienced resources to the pilots and are looking for the following from the selected trusts/clusters:

  • Sponsorship of the pilot at senior level (e.g. Finance, HR or Workforce Director)
  • Data on current bank and agency volumes, spend and fill rates by staff type
  • Access to a range of key internal stakeholders across finance, procurement, HR and workforce (nursing, medical, bank) to discuss requirements and existing approach
  • Information on current contracts, technology platforms, ways of working, processes, policies and strategies.

We will facilitate meetings with stakeholders, undertake analysis, make recommendations and develop implementation plans. The timeline for the pilots will be:

  • Phase 1: 3 months to undertake analysis, make recommendations and deliver ‘quick wins’
  • Phase 2: 6 months to implement strategic solutions, e.g. process and system changes, new commercial resourcing models

Each region has been asked to prioritise 2 trusts or clusters for further discussions with us and the selection criteria are:

  • Combined bank/agency spend of £20 million a year or more across clinical and non-clinical roles
  • Trusts that did not meet their 16/17 NHS Improvement annual expenditure ceilings or have the most challenging targets for 17/18
  • Ability to provide access to data and key internal stakeholders so that we can undertake initial review and analysis.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to put your trust or cluster forward for consideration as one of the pilots, please contact your regional Customer Board Chair or contact Clemmie Smith at CCS directly: or 07710 854 546.

You can also get in touch via our online form.