How the Purchasing Platform from CCS can help you save money and time on office supplies

If you are looking for a simplified way to purchase office supplies online which can help reduce your costs, you should definitely try out the Purchasing Platform from CCS. The Purchasing Platform is a great new way to access CCS through a click-and-buy catalogue that just requires a simple registration. You can search our complete range of office supplies, compare prices from a range of suppliers and then place an immediate order. And the best part about it is that any savings you make will allow you to focus on the priorities that matter most to your organisation and support the delivery of frontline services.

Four reasons why using the Purchasing Platform saves you money:

  • It gives you access to great prices on the best selling office supplies.
  • It has competitive prices that are regularly updated to ensure you get constantly low pricing.
  • You can buy with confidence – fully compliant commercial smart direct award route.
  • We do all the hard price comparison work showing prices from a number of suppliers.

Four reasons why using the Purchasing Platform saves you time:

  • It’s an easy way to fulfil your immediate office supply needs through a click and buy catalogue.
  • The catalogue is focused towards your most regular needs with over 700 of the most popular items to choose from.
  • There are many ways to pay including using your ePCS card or credit and debit cards.
  • It’s easy and convenient to sign-up to use the Purchasing Platform and it’s available to the whole public sector.

So to start benefiting from the Purchasing Platform sign-up today at and start transforming your procurement in a click.