We understand that you want your organisation to run as smoothly as possible. Our range of software-led office systems for the public sector make finding the right fit quick, easy and cost effective.

With DAS you can buy, implement, test and deliver a wide range of software solutions – as well as hardware and professional services – all in one procurement. Professional services can include design, implementation, configuration, integration with other software, staff training, support and maintenance.

We also offer you the choice to buy cloud and on-premise software, or a combination of both under one agreement. EU compliant and regulated, DAS is a quick, easy and cost-effective route to market for public sector organisations.

Our Data and Application Solutions framework is split into 5 groups. This makes it much easier to search for your requirement, with 14 lots covering the following areas:

  • Enterprise applications
  • Local government
  • Health and social care
  • Police and emergency services
  • Education

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The range of benefits we can offer you


  • EU compliant and regulated
  • Favourable terms and conditions using the new Public Sector Contract (PSC)

Easy access

  • Tailored lots to meet your sectors’ needs
  • A simple and cost-effective route to market


  • Framework allows you to buy cloud, on-premise or a combination of both
  • A wide range of services from design to maintenance


  • Maximum call off length is 5 years with an optional extension of up to 2 years at your discretion
  • All software licences, associated professional services and hardware can be delivered under one competition
  • Support and maintenance options to help you extend a product’s lifecycle
  • Online catalogue functionality across all lots though our Government eMarketplace


  • Procurement support from a dedicated and knowledgeable team at CCS
  • Over 75 years combined experience

Value for money

  • Maximum rates are capped for the life of the framework
  • Pre-market engagement undertaken with vendors and suppliers to deliver value for money

Awarding suppliers

Further competition

A further competition should be run when you require suppliers to develop proposals or solutions to meet your requirements.


For software licensing and support renewals, simply buy via the online catalogue on our government eMarketplace and save time.

We’re here to help you

Jammar Prince – Category Manager, Technology

Even for the most experienced procurement professional, the public sector technology landscape can be complex and confusing. That’s where my colleagues and I come in. We’re here to help you find the right technology solution to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

If you’d like to hear more about our Data and Application Solutions (or indeed any technology solution) then feel free to get in touch with us.

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