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Managing frameworks related to connectivity

The Network Services team manage agreements related to connectivity. From mobile connections to WAN connections and secure connectivity, if you need to transfer data the Network Services team will have a solution.

If your connection contracts are coming to an end, you have a new requirement, or you are simply looking to save money, we can help you connect to best in class suppliers to provide those solutions.

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We can help you with...

Network Services

This framework gives you access to networks and telecommunications services, including PSN compliant services and the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

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HSCN Access Services

Access HSCN connectivity providers, the new data network for health and care organisations, replacing N3 and providing connectivity for the NHS and wider health and social care providers via an innovative Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

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Telecoms Expense Management

This contract enables you to manage one of your most critical assets: the telecom network. It encompasses the technology, processes, policy and people needed to increase efficiencies and create savings opportunities

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By combining your requirements with those of other government, public and third sector organisations we can help you make even greater savings when buying the everyday goods and services your organisation needs, such as WAN Connectivity and mobile and data services

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