Whatever your travel needs, we can help you save both time and money.

We can provide you with services for the booking of UK and international business travel including but not limited to air, rail, accommodation and meetings & events venue find, via online booking tools, travel management companies and venue finding agencies. We also have solutions for vehicle hire, including passenger vehicles, off road 4x4s, minibuses, heavy goods vehicles, car share and international vehicle hire.

Whatever your travel requirements you should look to book the lowest cost and safest travel arrangements, in accordance with your organisation’s travel policy and health & safety guidelines.

Our solutions support the government’s agenda on small businesses and carbon emissions, including the government’s greening commitment. They will also help you to reduce the overall cost of your business travel, helping you make savings for the taxpayer.

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Our Commercial Agreements

Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions (PSTVS) RM6016

Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions (PSTVS) via Digital Travel Solution (DigiTS) RM6016 agreements will cover online-only services for rail, accommodation and air; offline & online travel services (air, accomodation, rail and supporting services); and offline venues and group accommodation. It features brand new and innovative solutions, accessible for the first time through the new Digital Travel Solution (DigiTS) technology platform.

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Vehicle Hire Services (VHS) RM1062

This commercial agreement is designed to enable you to access vehicle hire services across 6 lots:

  • UK vehicle hire
  • UK 4×4 wheel vehicle hire
  • UK minibus hire
  • Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and heavy commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes hire
  • UK car share
  • International vehicle hire

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Some key benefits of our solutions include:

Choose the solutions that meet your needs

The 5 new commercial agreements include online and offline service provisions, specialist services from specialist providers, plus zero and low cost booking fee models, providing you with a range of options that offer value for money and a seamless, user-friendly booking experience, similar to when booking personal travel for leisure. This also covers low cost booking fees for venues and group accommodation

Accessed through a single sign on

CCS’s Digital Travel Solution (DigiTS) – DigiTS offers the opportunity to implement a blended solution to benefits from specialist providers and low cost booking fee models, which are all accessible through via a single sign on.

Access an unparalleled range of negotiated rates and fares

CCS’s Negotiated Programmes for Air, Rail and Accommodation offers you access to special pricing arrangements with a wide range of accommodation, rail and airline providers that make up a centrally managed and contemporary programme accessible through PSTVS commercial agreements. This has been expanded from being accessible to CG only to include the entire public sector. Having access to the negotiated pricing creates more opportunities for cost savings and added value benefits.

More vehicles than ever before

Our Vehicle Hire Services agreement covers all government and public sector organisations and provides you with access to a wide range of vehicle types and services. So whatever your needs, we can help you with them, whilst saving you time and money.

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Are you looking to save time and money on your travel?