These days, most public sector organisations have a wide range of travel and vehicle hire requirements. At CCS, we’re here to make it simple. Our team of experts can help you save time and money on all your travel or vehicle hire needs.

By working with us, you can gain access to the buying power of central government, which drives huge savings for your organisation.

We also have a wide range of services available, with 3 key agreements that give you best value on all your travel and vehicle hire needs. So whether you’re renting minibuses or booking flights, managing rail travel or organising meeting venues, our experts are here to find you the right solution at the best price.

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Our Commercial Agreements

Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions (PSTVS) RM6016

Our travel agreement offers the best rates in the industry on everything from train travel to international flights, overseas accommodation to meeting venues. It also gives you access to ‘one stop shop’ travel management providers, as well as online and offline provisions.

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Public Sector Vehicle Hire Solutions RM6013

This is a new, improved framework agreement, which gives you access to a full range of vehicle hire solutions, from cars and light commercial vehicles to minibuses and 4×4’s.

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Public Sector Passenger Transport Services – Taxi & Coaches RM6121

This Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) offers a full range of ‘vehicle with driver’ transportation solutions including taxis/private hire, coaches, minibus and executive hire to cover services.

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Take advantage of our buying power

Chris Banks - Commercial Agreements Leads, TravelChris Banks – Commercial Agreements Lead, Travel

Here at CCS, we’re the UK’s largest public sector procurement provider. I’m part of a team of experts who use our buying power to secure the very best rates, fares and added value for public sector and third sector organisations. We know the importance of making the most of every budget. After all, we’re part of the public sector too.

Get in touch with me, or the team and let’s discuss how we can help find the right travel solutions for you.

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