Crown Commercial Service

Our new framework (SARS 2) can be used to access a range of suppliers who will review your organisations contracts and agreements to identify areas where you have been overcharged/have overpaid a supplier or are not receiving all benefits available – recovering money to support the delivery of efficient, effective public services.

What are the big benefits of SARS 2?

  • There’s no upfront costs
  • It uses minimal internal resource – SARS 2 suppliers do the heavy lifting
  • It adds value by finding process or system weaknesses
  • Offers a breadth of service to your organisation
  • It’s no win, no fee
  • It gives you access to CCS contract and category expertise
  • It can give your organisation huge financial rewards.

SARS 2 is new and improved and offers a wider breadth of services to your organisation. It’s the ideal solution to all spend recovery and related services.

Learn more in this short film:

SARS 2 services

Spend recovery

Spend recovery identifies areas of spend where organisations have been incorrectly charged or have overpaid a supplier – recovering money to support the delivery of efficient, effective services. The spend recovery service can analyse and recover money up to six years after an error or overpayment has occurred, which could add up to a significant saving for your organisation.

Contract compliance

Contract compliance helps you carry out a review of specific areas of procurement. Contracts are analysed to make sure your organisation is only paying what it should be. If an organisation is not fully benefiting from existing deals and services, our suppliers will identify it so it can be rectified.

The framework suppliers

The framework has 19 suppliers. We’ve split the framework into lots, which are based on suppliers’ specialities, including accountancy and audit specialists with expertise across utilities, telecoms, contingent labour, agency staff and property, rental review and VAT. Instead of a fee, suppliers take a percentage of the recovered spend on a no win, no fee basis.

Awarding suppliers

Further competition

Any organisation with a significant spend can drive down suppliers’ percentage fee by holding a further competition – this is when an organisation asks suppliers to bid for the business. This can provide real value for your organisation.

Direct award

If an organisation has found a supplier that offers the right services and is happy with the percentage fee they offer, then direct award offers a fast, simple solution.


If a department is part of a wider organisation, then it can be financially beneficial to organise an aggregation. This is when you combine your requirements, which allows you all to get the best deals from bulk ordering.

Is there something we can help you with?

We can help your organisation efficiently audit your spend. To find out more about SARS 2, please get in touch.