Incorrect payments happen, but we’re here to help.

Our suppliers can find any lost spend and put the money back where it belongs – in your organisation.

They do all the legwork to identify where you have been incorrectly charged or have overpaid for services and can recover money up to six years after an error has occurred. Let’s work together to see how much money we can recover.

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What are the benefits of SARS?

Financial gains

From finding incorrect charging to double invoicing, SARS can help you recoup your organisation’s lost spend. Plus, it’s no win, no fee, so there’s no up front costs to worry about.


Concerned your organisation doesn’t have enough time? SARS suppliers do all the heavy lifting, so the whole process uses minimal internal resource.

Long term gains

SARS experts don’t just recover finances, they identify how and why by reviewing processing or system practices that could have lead to lost spend, limiting any future issues.

3 ways to make the most of SARS

1. Transaction review

A transaction review identifies areas of spend where your organisation has been incorrectly charged or has overpaid a supplier. Money can be recovered up to six years after an error or overpayment has occurred, which could add up to huge savings.

2. Contract compliance

Contract compliance is a review of your contracts to make sure your organisation is only paying what it should be. If you’re not fully benefiting from existing deals and services, our framework suppliers will identify it so beneficial changes can be made.

3. End-to-end review

An End-to-End Review is a full audit of your spending, including supplier balances, payment errors and contract compliance. This is the most comprehensive way to ensure every penny is being well spent.

How to award

Direct award

If an organisation has found a supplier that offers the right services and is happy with the percentage fee they offer, then a direct award is a good, simple solution.

Further competition

Any organisation with a significant spend can drive down suppliers’ percentage fees by holding a further competition – this is when an organisation asks suppliers to bid for the business. This can provide real value for your organisation.


If a department is part of a wider organisation, then it can be financially beneficial to organise an aggregation. This is when you combine your requirements, which allows you all to get the best deals from bulk ordering.

At CCS, we’re experts in procurement. Our teams use their deep category knowledge to create a wealth of resources for the public and third sector. Explore the resources below to find out how CCS can help you find the right procurement solutions for your organisation.

Let’s start to recover your money

Paul Davies SARS

CCS is part of the public & third sector, so we truly understand the complexities of this sectors delivery. It’s this first hand knowledge that makes us experts and allows us to deliver the very best service to your organisation. Simply put, our SARS framework is designed by the public sector, for the public sector.

From helping you shape your agreement to talking you through the framework options, our SARS team are always on-hand to help you find the best solution for your organisation. SARS isn’t about pointing out problems; it’s about providing a partnership from our framework who offers a second pair of eyes to find any lost spend that’s rightfully yours. So, let’s work together to put your money back into your organisation.

Find out how much your organisation could recover. Get in touch with our expert SARS team.