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The construction category links your construction requirements to the total asset lifecycle costs. With our current range of contractual vehicles to support the objectives and meet the needs of both central government and wider public sector customers, we’re also developing new and innovative solutions to ensure that processes are lean and efficient, ensuring that customers have access to smaller, and local, suppliers where required, and that ultimately our frameworks are best in class.


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Building Materials and Associated Services

This EU compliant framework provides a comprehensive range of services through 8 lots including, plumbing and heating, electrical, timber and joinery and flooring. It hosts discounted list prices and an opportunity to carry out further competition to deliver further savings.

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Project Management and Full Design Team Services

This framework enables customers to access project management, design and advisory services to support delivery of property and construction projects. It provides strategic, broad based advice across a wide range of disciplines and functions to support, guide and provide innovative solutions to public sector customers.

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Construction Works Contractors

Coming soon: This new commercial arrangement will complement existing CCS frameworks (and future CCS offerings) to provide customers with access to a full suite of construction works and services arrangements which enable effective development and management of your built asset and property/estates requirements.

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Modular Building Solutions

Now live: This new agreement is the recommended vehicle for all Modular and portable buildings required by UK public sector bodies. It  offers an alternative to traditionally built accommodation and customers will be able to buy or lease modular buildings which are designed and fabricated to their particular specification.

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