Powering the public sector

At CCS, we have extensive experience in powering the public sector. Our wide range of great value agreements cover the purchase and management of electricity, gas, fuels, water, renewable energy and additional services.

From Specialist Energy Consultancy and Advisory Services to Low Carbon Technologies, we are committed in procuring the services you need to help with your contribution towards Net Zero. 

From being one of the biggest buyers of gas and electricity in the UK, to bringing to market the largest public sector water framework, we’re happy to say that we remain at the forefront of energy procurement.

Our dedicated team of industry specialists are on hand throughout the procurement process – helping you save time, energy and money, so you can put more focus on your organisation’s needs.

Start reducing your energy consumption, carbon and costs with us today!

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We can help you with

Energy Supply and Ancillary Services

CCS new energy framework is expected to supply over £6bn worth of gas and electricity to public sector customers. Click below to find out how your organisation can benefit from this unprecedented public sector buying power.

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Renewable Energy

Designed with renewable generation, demand management and sustainability in mind; HELGA can support your drive towards carbon net zero. From energy efficiency measures to renewable generation, HELGA has it all. Click the link below to start your journey.

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Utility Management Software

Make informed decisions on your energy efficiency and save on utility costs. This solution provides meters and energy bureau software and services for managing your energy portfolio including carbon reporting services, bill validation and data collection services.

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National Fuels

We’ve helped our customers save £7.9 million on liquid and solid fuels including heating oil, transport fuel, coal, woodchip / woodpellet and associated products and services.

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This agreement aimed at delivering water supply, wastewater (sewerage) and ancillary services can provide your organisation with price reductions on the market average.

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Utility Switching Service DPS

Achieve greater value for money when buying energy. This solution uses a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to deliver a utilities switching service specifically for public sector customers.

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How can we help you with your energy needs?