Our top 5 tips for running a further competition for Multifunctional Devices

You have determined your need for a Multifunctional Device (or a number of devices) for your organisation and have looked through the documents on the RM3781 Agreement, but are still unsure how to run a further competition and what information to include.

A further competition simply means you run a competition, between a set of pre-qualified suppliers, to find the best option for you.

Here are our top 5 tips for what to include:

Tip 1: We would suggest you consider pre-engagement as part of the bid process. This can be beneficial as you can get a feel for how suppliers will respond to your competition and it allows for the opportunity to glean information from suppliers that you may not have considered.

Tip 2: Have the most up to date information to hand, regarding your print infrastructure. This will help suppliers fully understand your current situation.

  • How’s your organisation structured? How many locations and buildings do you have? Is this likely to increase or decrease over the contract?
  • Obtain an audit report from your existing supplier. This will enable you to review your requirements better. How many devices do you have? How are they being used? How many users do they have by type?

Tip 3: Provide as much detail around your specific requirements as possible. 

  • Number and type of assets in scope (photocopiers, MFD’s, desktop printers, etc.)
  • Network infrastructure (locations of servers, active directory, security standards, etc.)
  • Include dimensions of print areas or devices
  • Include print management licenses /certificates

Tip 4: Include a section on innovation, where bidders can list areas of their proposal which are innovative or differentiators.

Tip 5: Keep pricing appendices as simple as possible. 


Including this information upfront in your tender documents will hopefully reduce the number of clarification questions you may receive.  However, if you find you still receive some questions, answer these as quickly and in as much detail as possible, as this will assist in meeting the deadlines of the bid process.

Allow as long as possible for bidders to return the completed tender.  As a general rule, we recommend you allow between 4 – 8 weeks for suppliers to prepare their responses, dependent upon complexity.

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