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The requirement

Improve on the former managed print service (MPS) to provide enhanced local government services for citizens and smarter ways of working within the Council and in frontline services while delivering ambitious cost savings.


  • Previous managed print service not meeting ambitious savings targets
  • Not all NCC sites were covered by previous MPS 
  • Devices from different suppliers created extra training requirements for users 
  • Inconsistent workflow from post room to fleet


  • Streamline printing and imaging processes
  • Redesigning internal systems to be digital by design
  • Enable more effective use of data

The Solution

County-wide implementation saves money

Norfolk County Council’s first Managed Print Service was implemented in 2011, replacing the Council’s previously fragmented print operations with a single, integrated and enterprise-wide print service. The key objectives of this initial MPS were to rationalise print operations and establish an effective policy on printing, especially around reducing waste and inefficiency.

The benefits of having a new, centrally controlled print strategy included:

  • Simplified and standardised printing facilities for end-users
  • Fewer print drivers for IT services to manage and support
  • Security and accountability for print, copy, fax and scanning
  • A simple, centrally controlled MFD-based scanning solution
  • Reduced paper usage
  • Reduced carbon emissions due to more efficient devices

As the contract neared completion, NCC’s reprocurement criterion was that the solution had to be improved upon as the Council recognised that more needed to be done to meet its ambitious savings targets. The new print service would not only need to be implemented across all NCC sites – including the county’s Fire & Rescue Service that had not previously benefited from the service but also functionality would need to be improved to enhance efficiency and provide savings, both financial and environmental.

NCC realised that its existing set-up with MFDs, desktop printers and software from multiple suppliers was no longer fit for purpose. Using the CCS framework RM1599, NCC worked with Canon who identified that fewer single function printers, improved digitisation, better productivity and standardisation throughout would create annual savings of £765,000 including Library Services.

The results

  • Reduced printing costs by more than £765,000 per annum.  Over £3.8m over 5 years
  • More reliable public printing service
  • Reduced the administrative burden associated with recharging click costs
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced environmental impact

“With its proven track record of service excellence and building long-term relationships for mutual benefit, Canon worked proactively with us to provide a better, more personalised service than previous suppliers.” Geoff Connell, Head of Information Management & Technology

Benefits For Libraries

The Norfolk Library and Information Service operate 47 static libraries of different sizes ranging from Hingham Library, with one member of staff and three public terminals, to the Norfolk & Norwich Millennium Library with over 100 public terminals and about 50 staff terminals. Altogether, there are around 560 public terminals.

The previous solution to offer public printing was not only unsecure, but it was also neither able to record printing activity nor recharge it to the libraries. Since 2017, the new solution has successfully addressed these issues. In addition, staff and members of the public are now able to print from their own devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

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