NHS Digital makes big savings on network connectivity

A contract to provide the network connectivity for NHS Digital’s vital systems and services will yield an impressive 70% cost saving; as well as provide NHS Digital with improved Internet connectivity to support increased adoption of Cloud-based services, and cost effective private network connectivity to support access to existing systems.

NHS Digital made use of a new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), created in collaboration with the Crown Commercial Service, to provide a simple and effective way for health and care organisations to access better value services from a choice of pre-approved suppliers.

The procurement outcome demonstrates the merits of standardising network arrangements and is the result of a vibrant marketplace of suppliers capable of providing high quality, competitively-priced network connectivity via Health and Care Social Network (HSCN) Access Services (RM3825).

Following an open competition, NHS Digital appointed British Telecom as its preferred supplier for connecting its sites and services to the HSCN, which has been developed to support the adoption of more standardised, integrated and cost-effective private and Internet connectivity through a competitive marketplace of suppliers.

NHS Digital is also leading aggregated procurements covering the South West, London, the North East and the South East, which will award shortly. Further individual and regional procurements for HSCN connectivity are due to launch throughout 2018.

NHS Digital is confident that all NHS organisations across England now have mature HSCN procurement plans in place. If you have any questions about your organisation’s HSCN plans you can find out more on the HSCN website or contact the HSCN team at enquiries@nhsdigital.nhs.uk