New Vehicle Purchase agreement is driving down costs

Here at CCS we provide fleet managers across the public sector access to a wide range of agreements that cover the whole vehicle life cycle. Vehicle Purchase is an integral part of the CCS fleet offering

Vehicle Purchase brings together the collective purchasing power of public sector customers and their procurement expertise, which means CCS can help you get the best commercial fleet deals in the interests of your stakeholders as well as taxpayers.

This buying power has allowed us, on average, to achieve discounts of 11.3% on top of the average fleet discounts.

What’s new?

Our new Vehicle Purchase agreement covers the scope of the previous agreement but also adds to it, meaning a greater opportunity for you to make savings.

The strategy behind the new agreement was to make all vehicle brands on offer within the UK available for purchase.

The new agreement allows suppliers to bring to market any new products or vehicles they develop during the course of the framework agreement, for example, if they introduce a new model to the UK market, that model can then be sold through the Vehicle Purchase agreement. This allows suppliers to offer the latest technology, as soon as it is available, such as electric and ultra low emission vehicles.

Along with suppliers being able to offer all of their standard production vehicles and any factory fit  options, they can also make available other conversions or additional modifications they would like to provide.

The scope of the agreement has been widened to include a broader range of specialist vehicles, such as street cleaning and refuse collection vehicles. There are now more suppliers on Lots 2 and 3, which supports accessing these specialist vehicles and gives greater choice.

As per the current agreement, you will still be able to go on to lease vehicles, but enjoy the benefit of the Vehicle Purchase base vehicle agreement discounts. i.e. our CCS leasing companies are able to source the vehicles on behalf of you at discounted prices we’ve negotiated with the manufacturers, passing the full benefit through in best value leases.

Benefits for you:

  • More suppliers – 48 suppliers in the in the new agreement – 7 more than previously
  • Blue light lots – Lots 6 and 7. Rationalised Lots from 3 to 2. Increased number of suppliers to support competition, range, availability and best value.
  • Savings – CCS approved savings under “market comparator”. I.e. when we compare our buying power with those of a similar scale (being the leasing companies), on average our discounts are 11.3% greater than those which similar sized suppliers can achieve.

Access the new Fleet Portal

Our new fleet portal will give you better access to online quotations with an enhanced search functionality, the ability to filter results based on any requirements and compare vehicles side by side.

You will still be able to access live quotes from all of the lease providers on Lot 1, ensuring competitive pricing and the ability to direct award; access a full breakdown of costs, so you can compare manufacturers; compare buy vs. lease prices and whole life costs for vehicles.

This will support decision making for both operational and salary sacrificed vehicles.

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