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New travel and venue solutions open for business

Public sector bodies can benefit from zero and low-cost booking fees for travel and venues through a new suite of commercial solutions from Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions (PSTVS) enables the booking of rail, air travel and accommodation, as well as event services (including venue finding and hiring) and other travel support services.

The new solutions are designed to deliver up to £80m per annum in commercial benefits for the UK public sector.

7 suppliers have been appointed to deliver services to all public sector customers including local authorities, universities, schools, NHS trusts and the third sector.

2 of the 7 suppliers are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

CCS’s previous contract – Crown Travel & Venue Services – delivered commercial benefits of £39m during 2017/2018.

Benchmarking performance

The new solutions aim to reduce the cost of travel, providing access to a wide network of discounted airfares and accommodation rates available through CCS’s Public Sector Negotiated Programmes.

CCS’s Public Sector Negotiated Programme – Air, is one of the largest in the UK market, offering discounted airfares across 1,200 destinations with over 40+ airlines, with the latest benchmarking revealing that CCS customers pay 9% less on air travel.

Benchmarking through the CCS Public Sector Negotiated Programme – Accommodation also shows that average accommodation rates are 14.9% lower than the market average rates. The Accommodation Programme offers rates in and around the UK and overseas across over 620 locations with more than 2,600 accommodation providers.

How to access

Access to the programmes and new travel solutions will be through CCS’s brand new Purchasing Platform – currently known as Digital Travel Solution (DigiTS).

The new digital platform will allow customers to utilise multiple solutions under a single sign-on, and benefit from a mix of specialist providers, pricing options, and a choice of online-only and online-and-offline services.

The agreement could be worth up to £5.1bn over the next three years.

Katrina Williams, Head of Travel at Crown Commercial Service said:

‘We are delighted with the award outcome for the new Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions commercial agreements. The new suite of solutions offer customer choice, commercial value and innovation for all public sector organisations, embracing developments in technology to enhance both the experience for organisations managing travel and for public sector customers booking travel.’

Find out more about the Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions agreement.

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