New security services solutions for the public sector

Our Security Services lot provides you with a single solution for all your security related needs.

The Framework has been designed in two sub lots to capture the requirements of a resource intensive guarding service and the separate requirement for technical security elements including electronic and physical security, which can be called off separately or bundled depending on your requirements.

Security Services:

Manned Guarding Service Patrols (Fixed or Static Guarding)
Control of Access and Security Passes Management of Visitors and Passes
CCTV / Alarm Monitoring Reactive Guarding
Emergency Response Alarm Response Centres (ARC)

Technical Security:

Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance
of Electronic & Physical Systems
Alarm signalling
Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Digital
Video Recorders (DVR)
Security lighting
Automatic barriers, gates, rising bollards
and blockers
Electronic Locking Systems
IT equipment – Operating base for security
Perimeter Fences (and gates)
Closed circuit television systems
Security Screening Applications
Automatic Access Control System
Intruder detection systems (IDS)
Security management systems
Alarm Response Centres (ARC)

The solution offers:

  • Access to specialist security suppliers providing, compliant assessment of security risk, informing delivery of compliant design of security systems using registered members of a number of accreditation bodies
  • Access to professionally managed, high quality security and guarding
    services using approved contractors accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA)
  • Flexible and simplified access to specialist Security SME’s
  • Social value
  • Time and resource savings in the procurement process
  • Reduced consultancy and legal costs
  • Flexibility for the provision of a security risk assessment, design, supply and install – customers choose the route to market either as staged or as a single project

The introduction of security services is designed specifically for customers who may not have the in house ability to produce security risk assessments and are reliant in part on suppliers ‘designing’  security systems on their behalf. Therefore our security lot has been designed to focus on customer requirements for design and security risk assessments (aligned with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure guidance CPNI) with the additional mandated entry point for industry recognised accreditation (SIA) with regard to guarding services. 

Benefits include:

Free, fast and simple to use

  • free to access: no customer fees or charges, all our fees are recovered
    from the supplier
  • access to a dedicated and experienced team providing assistance
    throughout the procurement process and advice from our category experts

Value for Money

  • maximum standard rates are fixed for the first two years of the framework.
    They can also be further reduced by suppliers during further competition
  • management information to help you track spend based on a common set of
    service codes allowing in depth analysis

Social value and sustainability

  • suppliers will help you achieve an efficient and sustainable public estate,
    supporting diversity and inclusion
  • suppliers can tailor their offer to match your social value priorities

Quality of service delivery

  • verified supply chain as all suppliers and sub-contractors have completed a
    financial and professional compliance review
  • robust key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can tailor them to meet
    your specific requirements, including social value. Our standard call-off terms
    and conditions also allow you to define service credits

If you want to find out more about security services, visit the framework page.

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