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New digital solution for legal services – tell us what you think

As part of the development of our new WPS Legal Services panel we are creating a digital solution to ensure you can easily access suppliers, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of value for money, legal certainty around contracts and vetted suppliers.

Our team of designers is working to ensure that the new system is easy, efficient and enjoyable to use for a wide range of users – from the most experienced procurement professionals (who need things done fast) to the occasional user (who needs things to be simple and easy).

We are now looking for customers who are interested is using the new panel (which will be available later this year) to provide feedback to make sure we create a solution that meets your needs.

This will be done through short sessions that will include a review of the system design and a discussion about what we can do to make the procurement process easy and comprehensive.

The feedback session will only last an hour and can take place at a convenient location for you – avoiding minimum time out of your day.

Interested in taking part?

The first phase of testing will take place between 18 June and 3 July. To get involved please get in touch stating ‘legal services research session’ in the comments box, along with your preferred date and location. Places are limited so don’t delay, respond today!

Can’t make these dates? A second phase of testing will take place later in July or you can take part in a short online survey (7 minutes). If you would like to complete the survey please get in touch with your email address stating ‘research survey’ in the comments box and we’ll send you the link.

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