New Building Cleaning Services Framework from CCS

CCS has an exciting opportunity for both customers and suppliers to have an input in the development of a brand new commercial agreement to procure internal and external building cleaning services.  

An OJEU PIN to commence the engagement for this framework has recently been published.  The agreement is expected to be a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and will be called Building Cleaning Services (RM6130) and is anticipated to go live in March 2020.

As this agreement will be a DPS, it is important categories’ and subcategories’ are clearly defined so customers can select the services they need and suppliers can fairly price according to customer requirements. At this stage we have no preferred category options, and your input will help us define these. A DPS for building cleaning services is particularly helpful to SME’s who would like the opportunity to bid for public sector building cleaning contacts. 

Get involved

Why not join us right from the beginning of this process and influence the shape and the design of this DPS.  

Regardless of the size or scale of your requirement or service delivery, we would highly value your input into:

  • Capturing the wealth of knowledge and experience of this market, and help us understand and identify where we can learn from past experiences. 
  • The optimisation of commercial benefits that can be realised through a robust process and category of requirement.
  • Open up the opportunities for SME’s to bid for public sector contracts.

If you think this is something you would like to be involved in or you have any specific questions please email the Workplace Team on and keep an eye out for further engagement in our CCS Newsletters and social media platforms.

For further information, please refer to our framework page: