Network Services 2 framework for telecommunications now live

We are pleased to announce our new Network Services 2 framework designed to help public sector bodies get the best deal on their telecommunications is now live.

The new agreement provides access to mobile, voice, video and data services including security and surveillance.

It was designed with help from suppliers and customers across the UK, as well as through workshops hosted in partnership with trade body Innopsis and techUK.

The following services are available under 13 lots:

  • Data access services
  • Local connectivity services
  • Traditional telephony services
  • Inbound telephony services
  • IP telephony services
  • Mobile voice and data services
  • Paging and alerting services
  • Video conferencing services
  • Audio conferencing services
  • Unified communications
  • Radio services
  • Security and surveillance services
  • Contact centre services

After listening to customer feedback, the maximum term length for some lots, such as data access where installation and migration can be costly and time consuming, has been extended to 10 years.

There is also a new radio lot for users needing private channels and a lot for security and surveillance is available to provide CCTV and premises monitoring services, traditional and IP-based, as well as image recording and archiving. Plus, the paging lot has been expanded to now include alerting services.

Customers using the previous Network Services agreement achieved average savings of 8%, and can expect this figure to be the same or even higher under the new agreement.

If you want to find out more about Network Services 2, visit the framework page.

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