Management consultancy update

The Management Consultancy Framework (RM3745) provides you with access to expert professional support in:

  • Finance – ideal for any organisation that needs help developing financial strategies, policies and processes or support with specialist investment and financial market advisory services
  • Audit – ideal for any organisation that needs help with audit assurance, governance and risk management
  • HR – ideal for any organisation that needs help with the development of HR policies and programmes
  • Health and community – ideal for NHS trusts and other organisations needing professional support with social and public health policy; housing needs, supply, funding and support; hospital management; primary care; mental health and much more
  • Education – ideal for schools, colleges and universities looking for help with curriculum planning and development; qualification management advice; academy conversions; behavioural programmes; special needs educational support programmes; Ofsted audit planning and much more
  • Infrastructure – ideal for councils and housing associations looking for help with utilities; highways and roads; planning strategies for infrastructure developments; population and demographic reviews; transport policies and strategies; waste infrastructure and much more
  • ICT and digital – ideal for any organisation that needs help with the development of strategy, pre-design solutions and assurance of ICT business improvement projects.

The framework supports you with:

  • Detailed templates to help you run a further competition
  • Pre-agreed terms and conditions
  • Flexible pricing mechanisms (based on time and material, fixed or gain share)
  • Flexible further competition criteria
  • A wide choice of suppliers with over 50% SMEs

Business consultancy

The OJEU contract notice for the Management Consultancy Framework 2 (RM6008) has also recently been published and the new commercial agreement is expected to award in August. Services will be offered across 4 lots:

  • Business consultancy
  • Procurement, supply chain and commercial consultancy
  • Complex and transformation consultancy
  • Strategic consultancy

Learn more

We are planning to host webinars for customers interested in using the frameworks, so if you would be interested in joining us please get in touch and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover. Simply mention ‘Consultancy webinars’ in the comments box.

In the meantime, we have also developed this Frequently asked questions document that you might find helpful. If there is a consultancy requirement we can help you with right now please get in touch.