Join forces to save on technology hardware

Have you considered joining one of our bulk buying opportunities to make even greater savings on your technology hardware?

We’re now planning our next national aggregated further competition (NFC76) for goods and services from our Technology Products 2 (RM3733) framework. By bringing together organisations to buy their technology hardware, including mobile phone handsets (without SIM), we are helping customers save an average of 16%.

Why get involved?

Aggregating demand provides several advantages including:

  • The more customers we can bring together the greater the savings for all
  • Collaboration helps ensure consistent application of best practice and opportunities for learning
  • Simplification of the tender process reduces procurement costs for buyers and bidding costs for suppliers

Your organisation may already have an approach to identifying the technology it needs to carry out its business. Government Digital Service (GDS) has produced helpful advice regarding ‘user needs’ and “choosing technology that is at least as good as people have at home” to help inform your purchasing decisions. Read their blog post.

We are currently working to the following provisional timescale for the project:

  • July / August 2017gathering expressions of interest and compiling customer requirements
  • September 2017finalising requirements and publishing ITT
  • September / October 2017: conducting the competition, awarding to winning bidder and customers entering into contract

Next steps

Register your interest and find out more by joining one of our introductory webinars:

  • Register for Thursday 3 August, 10:30am
  • Register for Tuesday 8 August, 10:30am
  • Register for Wednesday 9 August, 2:00pm


If you are unable to attend a webinar but would still like to register your interest, please get in touch quoting ‘NFC76’.