International recruitment framework now live

CCS and NHS Procurement in Partnership are pleased to announce the launch of a new International Recruitment framework to support the NHS and public sector in their future recruitment strategies.

The new framework has been developed in response to – and is aligned with – recommendations set out for international recruitment in the NHS Long Term Plan.

It is the first to be launched under the new alliance between NHS Procurement in Partnership and CCS. Both customers and suppliers will benefit from this strong partnership that brings together CCS, as the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK, with the extensive expertise and experience that NHS Procurement in Partnership has in the NHS.

About the framework

The framework gives you access to a wide range of experienced international recruitment organisations across two lots:

  • Lot 1: single staff group sourcing
    • Lot 1a: nursing and midwifery
    • Lot 1b: medical (including GPs) and dental staff
    • Lot 1c: other staff
  • Lot 2: multi-staff group sourcing

The framework ensures providers:

  • meet government requirements on good industry practice, codes of practice, legislation, voluntary arrangements, regulations
  • are responsible for relocation, pastoral support and satisfaction of the employee
  • are aware of their worker’s licensing situation and requirements
  • keep up to date with Brexit, regulatory changes, language testing and immigration policy
  • are compliant with procurement regulations

Get started

You can use this framework without any access fee, so please get in touch and we will send you a copy of the access agreement:

Fill in this online form quoting ‘International recruitment access agreement’

Call 0345 410 2222

You can also view a list of the framework suppliers.