Insurance solution for registered providers of social housing

Social housing providers have historically had a very limited choice when it comes to insurance provision. To address this need, we have developed a new insurance solution, in partnership with YPO, designed specifically for the housing sector.

For the first time social landlords now have access to a fully EU compliant framework agreement. Our main objectives were to create a route to market to procure all types of insurance, including property and liability amongst others, alongside providing access to services beyond the placing of insurance. The focus was on expanding and developing the supplier base and creating transparency and a level playing field for suppliers during the tender competition stage.

The benefits for you:

  • Value for money

For the first time social registered landlords can benchmark insurance proposals through a transparent framework.

  • Access to wider insurance market

Social registered landlords tender exercises have generally generated as few as 3 responses, sometimes less. We’ve unlocked the insurance market and provided you with access to an increased supply base, including a mixture of direct insurers and broker and insurers partnerships.

  • Transparency

We’ve created transparency around how the insurance sector works and clearly defined the key players in the market.

  • Process efficiencies

We’ve developed a set of guidance documents and templates with the insurance industry to streamline the process and help you run an effective and successful insurance procurement exercise.

  • Added value

We are providing social registered landlords with knowledge about the insurance market and sharing procurement techniques to get the best results from your procurements. We are hosting regional customer events in January giving you the latest market insight and sharing best practice around procurement of insurance services.

To find out more register for the London event on 16 January

To find out more register for the Wakefield event on 30 January

Further information will be available on our website shortly. If you would like more information or have a specific question please get in touch.