Innovative new specialist courier framework is now live

Public sector organisations who need to transport hazardous or sensitive materials could save up to 15% by purchasing through our new Specialist Courier Services framework.

Specialist courier services are required by many public bodies, including police forces transporting seized firearms and explosives, GP surgeries who need to send blood samples for testing and local authorities seizing counterfeit goods and transporting to storage facilities.

Suppliers on each lot have undergone a rigorous evaluation process of their ability and proficiency in transporting the specialist requirements included in this framework, reassuring customers that their selected services will be carried out by experts.

The majority of deals will be agreed through further competitions, meaning the public sector could see significant savings as suppliers bid to offer the most competitive price.

There are 11 suppliers on the framework who are SMEs out of a total of 16, which equates to 69%, potentially securing millions of pounds for small businesses.

Services include:

  • class 6.2 infectious substances (category A and category B), non-infectious substances, biological substances, blood and tissue
  • controlled drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • explosive substances (class 1) and firearms
  • haulage, storage and disposal of seized goods
  • haulage, storage and disposal of vehicles
  • radioactive materials (Class 7)

To find out more about using the new framework, view the framework page and get in touch.