How you buy water in England is changing

Did you know that from April, you might be eligible to switch to a new retail water service supplier to get the best deal?

Retail services include things like reading meters, issuing bills and customer service.

Are you eligible?
If your premises are used only for business and your existing supplier of water and/or wastewater services is based in England, it is likely you will be eligible to switch. If you are in Wales, or your existing supplier is based in Wales, you may only be able to switch if you use more than 50 million litres per year.

Find out if you are eligible

Why switch?
Reviewing your supplier means you could benefit from:

  • lower bills and better value for money
  • better customer service
  • more tailored services to suit your business needs
  • help to become more water-efficient

What we’re doing to help you
We’re working with YPO, The Energy Consortium, ESPO, NEPO, West Mercia Energy, and the Ministry of Defence to launch a new framework to help you choose a water supplier. It will give you access to suppliers for your water supply and waste water services (sewerage), plus additional services to help you make water efficiency savings.

Get ready to switch
You should start to get your site information ready now so that you are ready to switch as soon as the new framework is available in April.

In order to switch the essential information you will need to know is:

  • organisation name
  • address including postcode
  • annual consumption
  • supply point ID (SPID) – this is a unique reference number for your meter (this should start to appear on your water bills. If you do not have this number you can call to ask your current supplier)
  • contact name at the premises
  • contact phone number at the premises

It would also useful if you know your:

  • unique property reference number
  • demand profile (i.e. 24/7, 9-5)
  • annual spend

If you are interested in using the new framework please get in touch.

Find out more information about the new market.