How to get the best contract terms with the Supply Teachers deal

Did you know that by using the Supply Teachers deal for all your school’s temporary staff needs, suppliers will agree to terms that favour your school? 

This means you benefit from, amongst other things, free temp-to-perm staff transfers after 12 working weeks.

Signing up to work with your preferred supplier(s) on the Supply Teachers deal is straightforward – all you need to do is complete the short order form. And to make it even easier we have created a quick guide to ensure you can get started with confidence. 

What is the short order form?

The short order form creates a contract between you and the supplier(s) that you want to work with. You can work with as many suppliers as you like – just complete the form for each supplier you’d like to work with. 

By completing the form you are not offering a supplier a guaranteed volume of work or exclusivity. 

The power of negotiation

It is important to remember that the rates you see on the agency selection tool are maximum rates. You can – and definitely should – negotiate with suppliers to agree lower rates before you complete the short order form.  

Peace of mind of compliance

If you spend over £181,000 a year on temporary staff, completing the short order form also means that you are complying with the public contracts regulations. 

Get started

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