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What is aggregation?

By using our national buying power to bring together customers with the same or similar requirements we can make the opportunity more attractive to suppliers. We call this ‘aggregation’

Our aim is to ensure all our customers get great value for money and benefit from our commercial expertise. The approach we take to each aggregation may vary. The most common routes are national further competitions and eAuctions, or a combination of both.

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Why get involved?

We have seen customers achieve some fantastic savings by taking part:

• 17 customers set to save £2.7 million on mobile voice and data services
• 95 schools saved an average of 36% on 2,200 tablets
• 11 NHS trusts saved over £800,000 on video conferencing
• 3 councils saved £335,000 on office supplies via an eAuction

How we can help you

Our customer team is here to help you access our aggregation services by providing support to help you join forces with other organisations, groups or networks – whether that is locally, regionally or nationally.

Once we understand your needs and have brought together sufficient customers looking to buy similar goods and/or services, we will help you by:

• identifying the best CCS framework to use
• collating all the necessary data
• developing the procurement documentation
• running the aggregation
• providing expert advice and guidance

Current opportunities

Mobile voice and data services

If you are interested in joining the next aggregated further competition under our Network Services (RM1045) framework for mobile voice and data services please get in touch before the end of April.

It is anticipated that the contract will be in place in July, offering customers a high level of flexibility by:

  • establishing a zero line rental model for basic connections, so you do not incur costs for lines not used
  • structuring services as “bolt-ons” enabling you to build packages to suit your specific requirements and removing the restrictions of a “one size fits all” approach
  • 30-day terms for “bolt-ons” so you can change your mix of services during the contract

Our last competition saved 17 customers over £2.7 million. Read more in this case study.

To express your interest get in touch – simply tick the aggregation box and quote NFC93 mobiles aggregation.

Fleet eAuctions

We run 3 vehicle eAuctions a year as by combining customer requirements we can help organisations make great savings on the whole life costs of vehicles – whether you need 1 or 1,000. We do this by using standardised vehicle specifications and our bulk buying power to make your requirements more attractive to suppliers, meaning customers can save as much as 40% on manufacturer’s retail price.

Our eAuctions are run under lots 1 and 2 of the Vehicle Purchase (RM1070) framework. Any volume or vehicle type can be considered, and we can also help you if you want to lease rather than buy vehicles.

The closing date to get involved in the next eAuction is 23 May. The eAuction will be held at the start of July and orders will need to be placed within 3 months, with a typical delivery lead time of 12 weeks.

To find out more please get in touch – simply tick the aggregation box and quote Fleet eAuctions.

Technology products

If you have a requirement for IT Hardware products, such as laptops, desktops, monitors or tablet devices and would be interested in aggregating your requirement, please get in touch.

Aggregated IT Hardware competitions are typically published via lot 1 (hardware) of the Technology Products 2 (RM3733) framework. Where we have high volumes of agnostic devices, either at individual level or aggregated across many customers, with limited service wrap then lot 5 (volume hardware requirements) is the preferred choice. Limited service wrap includes asset tagging and image build/load.

By combining your requirements with those of other organisations, we can bring together greater volumes and therefore greater savings are likely for all.

If you are interested in getting involved, no matter how big or small your requirement is, or you have any questions, please get in touch – simply tick the aggregation opportunities box and quote IT Hardware aggregation.

Automatic number plate recognition

Our Traffic Management Technology 2 (RM1089) framework covers automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, and we are planning national aggregated further competitions for both police and car park ANPR.

If this is of interest to you please get in touch – simply tick the aggregation box and quote NFC77.


Our National Fuels framework gives you access to a variety of solid and liquid fuels, including liquified gas, greases, lubricants and antifreeze.

We are running quarterly aggregated further competitions to deliver you the best prices, and recommend you consider joining the next aggregation if you have new requirements, or would like to add new sites to your existing arrangements for the start of the next financial year. By joining an aggregation you will benefit from an easy route to market, with options for both regional and national suppliers.

If you are interested in taking part in the next aggregation please get in touch – simply tick the aggregation box and quote RM3801 – National Fuels.

How buying through CCS works

Our extensive range of commercial solutions provide you with a number of different ways to buy. We’ve put together some brief guidance to help you to find the right approach for your buying needs.

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