What is aggregation?

By using our national buying power to bring together customers with the same or similar requirements we can make the opportunity more attractive to suppliers. We call this ‘aggregation’ Our aim is to ensure all our customers get great value for money and benefit from our commercial expertise. The approach we take to each aggregation may vary. The most common routes are national further competitions and eAuctions, or a combination of both Joining one of our national further competitions will save you time, as well as money, as we run the procurement for you, so there is very little administration for you to deal with. eAuctions enable suppliers to compete online, in real time. The auction can be based on price alone or other criteria, such as quality, delivery or service levels, can also be taken into account. Whilst eAuctions are often used to conclude a national further competition, we also run eAuctions independently too. Find out more about aggregation (PDF brochure)

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“I have always been quite apprehensive about joining an aggregated call-off but the help and support I received from the team was outstanding and has filled me with confidence for the future. I would like to say thank you for such great service.”

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Why get involved?

We have seen customers achieve some fantastic savings by taking part: • 17 customers set to save £2.7 million on mobile voice and data services • 95 schools saved an average of 36% on 2,200 tablets • 11 NHS trusts saved over £800,000 on video conferencing • 3 councils saved £335,000 on office supplies via an eAuction

How we can help you

Our customer team is here to help you access our aggregation services by providing support to help you join forces with other organisations, groups or networks – whether that is locally, regionally or nationally. Once we understand your needs and have brought together sufficient customers looking to buy similar goods and/or services, we will help you by: • identifying the best CCS framework to use • collating all the necessary data • developing the procurement documentation • running the aggregation • providing expert advice and guidance

Current Opportunities

Are you looking to make savings on mobile voice and data services for your organisation?

We recently helped 12 customers (totalling over 12,000 connections) save £2 million – an average saving of 69% compared to the prices customers were paying.

Benefits include:

  • Co-terminus contract term meaning all connections will cease on a common end date ending ragged contract end dates.
  • A phased migration approach over a 1 year period (of 80% of nominated connections); allowing Customers, who are still in contract for many of their connections, to migrate over time without incurring early termination charges;
  • A ‘Build Your Own’ Tariff approach, with a base connection with no line rental charge, negating zero-use costs.

Who can participate?

To determine whether mobile aggregation is right for you and to make the most of the opportunity customers should:

  • Have a requirement for mobile voice and data services now, or a requirement that will need fulfilling within the next 12 months;
  • Be able to accept the network coverage from the suppliers listed under Lot 6 of RM1045;
  • Be confident that you will fulfil your requirement via the aggregated competition; 
  • Be sure that the content and structure of the service description meets your needs (when determined and shared); and
  • Be in a position to migrate your requirement onto the new contract by the end of the first year.
How to take part

The project timeline is for delivery from January 2020:

  • May 2019 – initial customer engagement
  • July 2019 – 1st stage customer webinars
  • August 2019 – 2nd stage customer webinars
  • August 2019 – 3rd stage customer webinars
  • September 2019 – Customer decision point – to participate or not to participate
  • September 2019 – tender with committed volume of connections
  • November 2019 – award
  • January 2020 – service available

Read our latest case study to learn how Kirkless Council achieved savings of 65%  by taking part in our last Mobile Voice and Data Services aggregation.

Join our customer webinars to learn more:

Or to speak to a member of our team, simply complete this form quoting  ‘NFC113’ in the comments box. Or call 0345 410 2222

Do you need to buy IT hardware such as laptops, desktops, monitors, peripherals, mobile handsets, tablets or servers for your organisation?

During a recent competition, we secured average savings of 13% across a range of hardware products.

Benefits include:

  • Simplification of the tendering process leading to reduced procurement costs for buyers and reduced bidding costs for suppliers
  • Consistent application of best practice and opportunities for learning through collaboration with other organisations
  • Reduced project management and contract management costs
  • Free of charge service to customers

Who can participate?

The opportunity is available to all central government and wider public sector organisations, as well as organisations from the voluntary sector.

How to take part

The project timelines are as follows:

  • Early September 2019: deadline to return the customer requirement template
  • September 2019: invitation to tender
  • Early October: formal award and order and delivery can start

To take part or learn more, complete this form – tick the aggregation box and quote NFC114. 

Or call 0345 410 2222

Our Data and Application Solutions (DAS) agreement is now live and has been designed to provide software led technology solutions or applications that support your (often business critical) horizontal back office systems and data needs.

DAS replaces our Local Authority Software Applications (LASA) and Corporate Software Solutions  (CSS) agreements, with specific lots in the new DAS framework tailored to local authorities:

  • Lot 2a: Revenue and benefit systems, payment processes, civil enforcement systems
  • Lot 2b: Environmental health, property and housing management, planning enforcement, licensing, waste management
  • Lot 2c: Library solutions, electoral, registrar systems, sports and recreation, burials and crematoria solutions
  • Lot 3c: Social care case management, social care finances, home care

How can you make even greater savings?

We offer a free of charge service to customers (UK public bodies) to bring together requirements from multiple organisations across the country, which encourages suppliers to offer significant discounts and creates greater value for money for local authorities.

How can you take part?

If you’re a local authority, simply let us know what you require from the DAS agreement and we will add it to our programme of current aggregation opportunities if enough interest is expressed.

Complete this form quoting ‘DAS Aggregation in the comments box and a member of our team will be in touch.

Or call 0345 410 2222

Does your organisation need payroll services, or will your current contract be expiring over the next 4 years?

We will be running a programme of aggregated national further competitions for payroll services.

Please view the Aggregations for Payroll-Services PDF for an overview of strategy and timescales.

If you would like to register your interest in joining one of our aggregations, please complete this form quoting ‘Payroll Services’ in the comments box, adding which aggregation (1, 2 or 3) you would like to join.

Our National Fuels framework gives you access to a variety of solid and liquid fuels, including liquified gas, greases, lubricants and antifreeze. We are running quarterly aggregated further competitions to deliver you the best prices, and recommend you consider joining the next aggregation if you have new requirements, or would like to add new sites to your existing arrangements for the start of the next financial year. By joining an aggregation you will benefit from an easy route to market, with options for both regional and national suppliers. If you are interested in taking part in the next aggregation please get in touch – simply tick the aggregation box and quote RM3801 – National Fuels.

We run a series of vehicle eAuctions a year as by combining customer requirements we can help organisations make great savings on the whole life costs of vehicles – whether you need 1 or 1,000. We do this by using standardised vehicle specifications and our bulk buying power to make your requirements more attractive to suppliers, meaning customers can save as much as 40% on manufacturer’s retail price. Our eAuctions are run under lots 1 and 2 of the Vehicle Purchase framework. Any volume or vehicle type can be considered, and we can also help you if you want to lease rather than buy vehicles. To find out more about getting involved please get in touch – simply tick the aggregation box and quote Fleet eAuctions.

Our Traffic Management Technology 2 (RM1089) framework covers automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology, and we are planning national aggregated further competitions for both police and car park ANPR. If this is of interest to you please get in touch – simply tick the aggregation box and quote NFC77.

Find out more about planned and considered technology aggregation opportunities in our PDF here.

How buying through CCS works

Our extensive range of commercial solutions provide you with a number of different ways to buy. We’ve put together some brief guidance to help you to find the right approach for your buying needs.

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