How the Digital Marketplace is helping Scottish SMEs win public sector contracts

Every year, it feels like the public sector’s digital transformation is accelerating, delivering a major opportunity for small businesses. Scotland’s SMEs are making a significant contribution to this transformation.

Since 2014, small and medium-sized UK tech businesses have won contracts worth more than £1.9bn through CCS’s Digital Marketplace.

I’m personally delighted that almost 300 Scottish SMEs have been awarded contracts through the Digital Marketplace since it was launched, providing innovative solutions to support the delivery of world-class public services.

The total value of these contracts was more than £70 million. That’s a staggering 71% of total Digital Marketplace spend in Scotland going to SMEs, compared with a total UK figure of 45.5%. It’s clear that public bodies in Scotland trust suppliers, whatever their size, to deliver the technology solutions they need.

While £70m being spent with SMEs in Scotland is a great start, I believe we can do more and that’s why CCS will continue to support organisations such as the Supplier Development Programme to encourage more Scottish SMEs to get involved in CCS business.

The Digital Marketplace will be a crucial tool in delivery of job creation, innovation and promotion of social value through our frameworks. Our Digital Outcomes and Specialists, G-Cloud and Crown Hosting Data Centres frameworks can all be accessed through the Digital Marketplace.

We will continue to encourage and support public bodies to use the Digital Marketplace for procuring digital, technology and data services.

If you’d like to find out more about the Digital Marketplace or our frameworks, please visit the Digital Marketplace. If you have a specific question, just get in touch and one of our technology experts will be happy to help.