Finding the healthiest solutions for your temporary construction needs

We understand there is a balance between enhancing and future proofing your estate, meeting demands on space, and keeping costs to a minimum and avoiding disruption to the delivery of services.

Modular building solutions is a direction that the health sector are increasingly taking to address these issues, especially for temporary capacity demands during winter months, when there simply aren’t enough essential facilities, such as theatres and wards, to treat patients: particularly the elderly and the vulnerable who can fall ill in the cold weather.

Speed, safety and cost

Modular building solutions offer a number of advantages over and above ‘traditional’ build solutions.

It generally offers a construction period that can be significantly shorter than the traditional build approach, as site works (for example foundations and service installations) can be constructed on site while the modular buildings are being fabricated and constructed off-site, before being delivered to site for installation and commissioning. This approach can deliver a significant reduction in the construction period – and with it a reduction in the associated costs.

What’s more, as a significant proportion of the construction works is undertaken off-site in a cleaner and more controlled environment, the overall project build benefits from improved safety and quality – with less risk.

Saving time in construction, and having a very specific design life, modular buildings therefore often provide the lowest cost solution for your bespoke needs.

We have now awarded our new Modular Buildings Solutions framework which has been developed to provide public sector buyers with a low-cost solution to their temporary and semi-permanent modular buildings needs. The agreement provides access to 24 suppliers, 80% of which are SMEs, and with that comes access to the very latest in supplier innovation and developments.

There are 2 bespoke lots on the framework purely dedicated to the health sector: one lot for purchase and another lot for hire.

So, if you’re looking to avoid a winter crisis, and need a compliant, and quick and cost efficient solution, or want to explore your flexible, longer term solutions that are bespoke to your needs, find out more.

Next Steps

To find out more about the Modular Buildings Solutions framework, you can visit our web page, or if you have a specific question simply complete our form and one of our experts will contact you.