Education sector specific pricing now available with the click of a mouse

Getting all your immediate technology product needs is as easy as clicking your mouse thanks to the Purchasing Platform from CCS. We have now introduced education sector pricing to ensure your money goes even further when purchasing your technology requirements.

As an Education user on the Purchasing Platform, when you search for a product you will now see both the standard pricing and the educational pricing, where this is available. Where the standard and educational price are the same, you will only see the standard price listed. If the educational price is higher than the standard price, you will still be able to purchase at the cheaper standard price. That way you can always be sure you are getting the best available price. Buying from the Purchasing Platform can mean an average 8% saving and on some products and as high as 30% compared with Amazon. Prices are updated daily to ensure you are always getting best value.

The addition of Education sector pricing is another example of the Purchasing Platform promoting best value buying. It is already a great benchmarking tool which means there is no need to hunt around getting 3 quotes. We’ve done all the hard price comparison work for you, and on most products you will immediately get at least 3 prices and an industry benchmark price indicating a market target  price for that day. Along with the addition of the educational discounts and access to a wide range of suppliers, the Purchasing Platform is a great way to source all you immediate technology needs.

It is totally free to use, with pre-agreed terms and conditions with suppliers, and if you have any questions CCS is here to help you. You can buy with confidence as we’ve done all the due diligence checks to ensure all suppliers are assured, audited and financially secure. Use your ePCS card and you may even benefit from end of year rebates.

So to start benefiting from the Purchasing Platform – sign-up today and start transforming your procurement in a click.

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