9 education customers save £161,500 on IT hardware

Crown Commercial Service has helped education customers save on IT hardware equipment such as laptops, tablets and projectors through aggregation.

The requirement

Many educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities routinely purchase technology hardware as and when they need them. This often results in making frequent, low value orders, with devices having to be specifically built to varying technical specifications.

The Crown Commercial Service aggregation team wanted to work with these establishments to help them to achieve greater value for money; by aligning timescales, aggregating demand and standardising technical specifications. The aggregation team use sector collective buying power to help save customers time and money in sourcing new IT hardware.

The solution

Aggregations for IT hardware for the education sector are run through the Technology Products 2 framework agreement (RM3733). The aggregation team have designed a straightforward process for educational establishments to get involved. They were simply required to complete a template which stated volume requirements, choose from a group of listed products such as laptops, desktops to interactive screens, and finally add in their contact details. The procurement team at CCS managed the complete tendering process and also provided assistance with drafting order forms, which helped free up time and resources for customers involved.

The results

The technology hardware requirements of 9 educational establishments was awarded in October 2018, with a total of 2,417 devices being specified. This led to a total order value of £1,003 million which acquired savings of up to 13% for those involved. The results demonstrate that by combining volumes and using common specifications for a commodity product or service, significant cost savings can quickly be achieved.

Get involved

We’re launching our fourth national further competition for technology hardware for education, which is to be formally awarded in March 2019.

If you would like to find out more, simply complete this form by 21 January 2019, quoting ‘NFC99’ in the comments box, and a member of our team will be in touch.

If you would like further information about future aggregation opportunities, visit our aggregation page on our website to find out more.