Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Northern Ireland saves time buying traffic monitoring cameras

Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Northern Ireland utilised CCS’s transport technology offering to support the Belfast Rapid Transit project.

The requirement

Belfast Rapid Transit (BRT) is an innovative and ambitious project to create a new and dynamic public transport system for Belfast. BRT uses high quality buses, known as Gliders, to provide a modern, comfortable environment for passengers. It also incorporates real-time information systems for easier journey planning. The speed, reliability and comfort of the Glider services provides an attractive alternative to the private car.

To support the provision of real-time transport information, CCTV traffic monitoring cameras were required at strategic locations to monitor transport network performance.

The solution

Working to tight timescales, DfI procured the CCTV traffic monitoring cameras from the Government eMarketplace using the Traffic Management Technology 2 framework. The Department conducted pre-market engagement by way of a Request for Information prior to the purchase. Issuing a Request for Information gave the suppliers prior notification of the requirement, helping the service to be delivered on time.

The results

A spokesperson for the Department’s Traffic Information and Control Centre team said:

“The Government eMarketplace website was easy to navigate. The entire process was very straightforward with a quick turnaround time from start to finish. This resulted in significant savings in staff and supplier’s time.”

The Department is now considering using the eMarketplace for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

For further information

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