Cutting the price of contact centre services

From local councils to emergency services, there is a huge volume of contact centre services that touch the lives of almost all UK residents on a daily basis.

We have launched a brand new framework to help you maximise the money you spend on such services, with access to cost-effective and innovative contact and call centre services, supported by specialist advice.

The new framework has been developed to help you maximise opportunities for innovation, and self-service, and we estimate commercial benefits and savings in the region of 10% based on what the public sector currently spends providing similar services.

Call center image

Through the framework you can access:

    • Specialist contact centre consultancy services: strategic advice on the design of contact centre services to provide value for money, improve efficiencies and minimise risk. This option will provide benefits for both in-house and outsourced solutions.
  • Contact centre services: access a wide range of services from voice telephony to web chat and multi-channel customer engagement.

To find out more visit the Contact Centre Services (RM3815) framework page or get in touch.