Croydon Council transform ICT services and save over £6 million

Croydon Council disaggregated its ICT services by utilising the G-Cloud framework from Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

The requirement

Croydon Council employs over 4,000 people and provides a wide range of services to its thriving, dynamic community with a population of over 382,000. The council recognised the step change in business value they needed from ICT in the future. Their vision, known as “Good 2 Great”, was to design effective and efficient technology solutions that would deliver great services to customers, residents and staff, making a real difference to people’s lives.

The solution

Using CCS’ G-Cloud framework on the Digital Marketplace, Croydon Council worked with appointed supplier Rainmaker to create an ICT vision underpinning the council’s strategic objectives and translating it into a delivery model, validated by user research, that leveraged market opportunities. Based on their expertise in supplier disaggregation and innovative transformation in the public sector, Rainmaker was appointed as Croydon’s delivery partner to help mobilise the multi-sourcing programme and enabling ICT and digital capabilities and integrating it with new processes and ways of working to deliver a real difference to people’s lives.

The outcome of this discovery work was a detailed business, financial and economic case for a new disaggregated ICT operating model. This is based around moving the council’s service delivery model away from an existing single-supplier ICT contract to a mix of specialist vendors managed by an in-house team and commodity services (including cloud) where sensible. In the process, the council plans to change its internal ICT organisation to increase the level of control and accountability for the new supply arrangements.

The results

Working collaboratively, Croydon Council and Rainmaker were able to deliver a business case that details a new ICT operating model offering the council significantly better services and savings of approximately £1.7 million over 5 years, when compared to the existing contract.

The business case has helped to secure senior buy-in to a more flexible and outcome-focussed approach to service delivery, and the budget to go back out to market, via G-Cloud and Technology Services 2, for suppliers to support Croydon Council with programme implementation and for commodity services.

Jan Joubert, Rainmaker CEO, commented:

“Our work with Croydon further establishes Rainmaker as one of the leading suppliers of digital services to the public sector. The public-sector frameworks, including G-Cloud, are critical in giving smaller specialist suppliers, like us, access to significant government work.


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