Cloud computing – You are not alone

Did you know a large number of councils have no Cloud IT strategy and 61% of councils (including 45% of the top 100) have no cloud IT policy?

The majority of councils still hold most data on site – 69% of councils (77% of small councils) hold 75% or more of their data on premise

Source: Up in the Air: The state of the cloud adoption in local government in 2016,

More and more authorities are embarking on digital transformation programmes to enhance delivery of services to citizens and businesses, be more cost effective and allow authorities to work flexibly. This is against a backdrop of increased demand and expectations for public services and continued financial constraints. Therefore, there is a need for balance between ensuring good quality public services and delivering efficiency gains.

Cloud computing offers many benefits to local authorities including flexibility, reduced lifetime costs, security and disaster recovery to name but a few.

The G-Cloud 9 framework, launched earlier this year, is committed to obtaining best value from suppliers, has transparent pricing, involves a simple short list process and, following feedback from our customers, has an extended term. CCS has worked with a number of local authorities to navigate this potentially complex environment including Havant Borough Council. Read their story.

Full cloud adoption can take time, resources and expertise to implement which is why CCS also offers hybrid solutions such as Crown Hosting Services. This framework, which is a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark, supports the first few steps towards transformation. It immediately benefits Local Authority transformation processes by allowing you to choose the infrastructure or service that delivers the best value at any given point, and over time, until it is right to fully transition to the cloud.

Find out how Derby City Council made 60% savings and created a clear and flexible programme for cloud transition, by working with CCS through the Crown Hosting Services framework.

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Procuring IT systems is never going to be an easy process however with the right advice, help and support, it can be a successful one.