Fire and rescue services save almost £497,000 on IT Hardware

Our latest IT hardware aggregation brought together the requirements of 5 fire and rescue service customers, helping them to achieve average savings of 30%.

 The requirement

Many organisations routinely purchase the same commodity goods such as laptops, desktops, servers and peripherals, as and when they need them. However, some customers experience issues with compiling their specifications to ensure their technical requirements are fully met.

A group of 5 fire and rescue service customers were seeking to replace their in-vehicle Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) devices as support contracts were near end of life.

All of the services had a requirement for MDT devices with comprehensive warranty cover. In addition to this, some of the customers also required installation of the MDT devices into their emergency vehicle fleet and various device accessories.

We wanted to help the fire and rescue services achieve greater savings by standardising their requirements and aggregating volume, which would in turn increase buying power as larger volumes would be taken to market.

The solution

One of our national further competitions, which are based on a standardised specification, was created  for this group of customers, as the aggregated value of this requirement was expected to attract more interest from suppliers.

Using the Crown Commercial Service Technology Products 2 framework agreement (RM3733) Lot 1, a further competition was run and the most economically advantageous offer in the market was obtained by taking into consideration both price and non-price factors. The further competition was concluded with sealed bids.

The customers worked together to agree a common agnostic technical specification which met each of their requirements. The new devices were required to provide services with upgraded technology providing the emergency services with a reliable, robust device to operate flexibly and efficiently in a range of differing environments and to effectively handle any emergency incident.

The results

The competition, which took place in July 2019, brought together a common technical specification for 428 MDT devices on behalf of 5 fire and rescue services.

It achieved on average an indicative 30% saving compared to a blend of current market prices where available and average bid price. This is the equivalent of a total saving of £497,868 for the customers who took part.

These results clearly demonstrate that with aggregated volumes and the adoption of a common technical specification for a product or service, significant cost savings can quickly be realised.

For further information

National aggregated further competitions are a tried and tested approach which has delivered significant savings to the public sector.

This is a fully managed service provided and funded by us. We will draft all documentation, build the specification and run the procurement.

Customers are simply required to complete a form to express their interest, provide the final volume of services required prior to us going to market and sign a contract with the successful supplier.

We would like to hear from customers who are interested in securing savings by aggregating their requirements with other customers for commodity goods and services.

You have until September 2019 to take part in our latest IT Hardware aggregation. To express an interest or speak to a member of our team, please complete our online form quoting ‘NFC114 IT hardware aggregation’ in the comments box.

RM3741 and RM3816 Framework Agreement Renewal Update

As you may be aware the current Project Management and Full Design Team Services Framework (PMFDTS) RM3741 and Estate Professional Services Framework (EPS) RM3816 will expire in May and August 2021 respectively. Whilst this may seem a while away, Crown Commercial Service are committed to full stakeholder engagement to support the delivery of its future commercial vehicles.

Therefore approval has been received to issue OJEU PINs to commence the engagement on the development and definition of the solution of the future Frameworks that are expected to be called Construction Professional Services (CPS) RM6165 and Estate Management Services (EMS) RM6168.  The anticipated go live dates areApril and June 2021 respectively. 



The issue of two PINS provides CCS with the opportunity to review market service delivery capabilities, services required by customers and how we can improve the customer journey for Departments using our Frameworks. 

As part of our joint engagement we will be testing which services best fit each commercial vehicle and the basis of design for joint or separate CPS/EMS frameworks. At this stage we have no preferred options – your input will help us define these.

Therefore we would really like you to be involved with market engagement over the coming months so you can support in shaping these agreements to truly ensure they are fit for purpose and align with your strategy requirements and support a best in class route to market.

If you would like to be involved, please see below use this link to a short survey which if you complete, would allow us to really capture your feedback on how you find the current process and how we can improve it .
If you wish to register your interest or have any specific questions please email the Buildings Pillar Team on, and keep an eye out for further engagement in our CCS Newsletters and social media platforms.

Insurance & Claims Management Services for the Public Sector

Our current agreement for Insurance and Related Services RM3731 (IS2) has been delivering insurance and claims management services for the whole of the public sector since 2016 and has established a clear route to this complex market for a diverse range of customers. From large scale combined insurance agreements for large public bodies to discrete insurance needs for charities and single departments, IS2 has successfully provided access to competitive insurance solutions.

IS2 is due to expire in 2020 and continues to be available, while the replacement (IS3) is due to begin in late 2019 to maintain seamless access to competitive and expert suppliers of Insurance, Brokerage and Claims services.

Long renewal cycle times, bespoke requirements and complex risks are typical considerations when sourcing Insurance and we are committed to helping all of our customers meet their Insurance needs through straightforward, competitive and compliant agreements.

Hundreds of public sector organisations across the UK have used IS2 to deliver their insurance, enjoying benefits including:

  • Competitive brokerage rates, increased scope for savings.
  • Most types of brokerage and insurance cover
  • Insurance and brokerage specifications tailored to meet your specific requirements.
  • All suppliers approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Time and resource efficiencies
  • Comprehensive customer guidance
  • Direct award to the lot 2 Brokers.

We’re here to help, whether that’s in accessing the current agreement and as we move towards the launch of IS3 later this year. IS3 will build on the successes of IS2, with this third iteration adding innovation through improved access to the Insurer market, including the addition of a dynamic vehicle for Insurers.

The support of our customers so far has been greatly appreciated as we develop documentation and ensure that systems are in place for a smooth launch of IS3. As the procurement progresses we’re also on the lookout for evaluators, your experience in insurance or financial services procurement will enhance the evaluation process. If you would like to contribute to the success of IS3 as an evaluator please get in touch at

To find out more about our Insurance agreements or have any feedback on IS2 or the future IS3 then please get in touch stating ‘Insurance’ in the comments box

Leicestershire County Council enforces school parking scheme with transport technology

Leicestershire County Council utilised CCS’ transport technology offering to purchase in-car camera enforcement.

Back in September 2018, a trial was launched across the county called the School Keep Clear Project, aiming to combat the issue that parents, residents and teachers experienced with inconsiderate parking outside schools during the school run.

Parking outside schools can be dangerous due to increasing traffic congestion as well as inconsiderately parked vehicles which can make crossing roads more difficult. This can have a negative impact on the safety, health and wellbeing of children, as well as their parents, teachers and communities. As a result, Leicestershire County Council decided to tackle this issue head on with the help of the CCS Traffic Management Technology 2 agreement.

The solution

To implement the trial, traffic regulation orders were put in place through upgrading the existing advisory school keep clear markings, with mandatory signs and lines to ensure that the new mandatory zig zag zones were enforceable.

Enforcement officers aimed to continue with their normal duties, while a patrol vehicle with a camera was used to enforce the mandatory zig zag zones outside school entrances.

To enable the vehicle to do this, Leicestershire County Council purchased in-car automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) using the Traffic Management Technology 2  agreement, allowing officers to collect the necessary evidence to enable fines to be issued via post to drivers who parked on the zig-zag markings.

Leicestershire Council - CCS

The results

Councillor Blake Pain, cabinet member for environment and transport, said:

“The trial isn’t about catching and fining motorists – we want people to stop parking inconsiderately near schools as it endangers the lives of pedestrians and causes a great deal of concern for schools and parents.

“We work closely with schools and colleges to improve issues around on-street parking which also involves providing help and guidance on school travel plans to help tackle the problem where necessary.”

Since it launched in September 2018, the scheme has seen 154 schools sign up.

For further information

To learn how Traffic Management Technology 2 could support your initiative:

View the framework page

View the Government eMarketplace

Complete this online form

Call us on 0345 410 2222

We have started looking at Traffic Management Technology 2’s replacement. To find out more about this, please take a look at: Smart Cities – Transport Technology Infrastructure. 

New CCS website

We are working hard to develop a new website that will be easier for you to use and find the information that is important to you.

I am really excited to tell you that we have now launched the first phase of our brand new website,  and you can be one of the first people to use it.

The new site features:

  • Up to date look and feel based on research among public sector buyers and compatible with GOV.UK design patterns for ease of use and accessibility
  • Support articles to help new or less experienced buyers navigate the variety of CCS platforms and routes to market. These also showcase the breadth of CCS’s capability to seasoned buyers without hindering their familiar buying journeys
  • Dedicated pages for suppliers with help and useful support and useful content
  • A new look  procurement pipeline that brings all stages of the process into a single, intuitive, interactive format
  • News hub featuring the latest news, blogs and case studies from CCS.

In phase 1 the new site complements rather than replaces any of CCS’s existing web estate. Contracts finder and Find an agreement are still there, as is our presence on GOV.UK.

However, over the coming months we’ll be migrating functionality and content iteratively from our existing web properties to the new domain.

Your response to this first phase release will help us shape how we develop in the future. And, of course, we’ll keep you updated with our progress at each stage.

Please take a look around and if you have any feedback, please contact us.