Why choose
CCS for contact
centre services?

We're experts in contact centre procurement

Our Contact Centre Services framework gives you access to a range of suppliers

who can provide market leading solutions and bespoke consultancy support.

It is designed to help you achieve best value, regardless of how big or small your organisation is.

Contact Centres

We're here to help you...

Contact Centres
  • Deliver commercial value
  • Implement innovative new technologies
  • Improve the quality of your customer service
  • Transform your processes
  • Manage demand
  • Manage risk

Achieving commercial value

We can help you achieve commercial value for your organisation in a number of ways:

Contact Centres

We have 2 service
options available:

Contact Centres

Lot 1 helps you shape your contact centre requirements through bespoke consultancy support

Lot 2 helps you find flexible outsourced solutions for your contact centre service needs

Get in touch to find out how our experts can help you find the right contact centre solutions for your organisation.

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